“From Old to New – Let us help you!!”

Replacement Tanks

We specialise in replacing old, dying tanks with an updated version of itself. We can almost always match the exact same tank and its original specifications saving you the hassle of decreasing or expanding your base, shifting downpipes and rearranging tank positions.

We can reinstall your new tank with ease while also removing your old tank at the same time. Forget the worry of grinders, sharp material and heavy carrying, let us help you get the job done quickly.

Call us on 0435 713 430 to see how we can help.

New Build Tanks

With our state’s requirement for rainwater tanks with new builds, we have become experts at knowing just what works for you and your new home. Whether all you need is a 1,000 litre tank, a retention-detention tank, a tank to fit in a narrow area or a pretty tank to match your beautiful new house, let us help you.

Call us on 0435 713 430 to see how we have just what you are looking for. See the photos below to see some photos of new build tanks.”